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spacer Joint Operations Somalian Conflict Mod (JO BHD Mod) spacer

JO:TR Somalian Conflict brings almost all of the Black Hawk Down/Team Sabre stuff to Joint Operations engine, that includes vehicles, AIs, weapons, HUD, buildings, decorations, terrains and environments.

If you want to experiment how would it feel to play black hawk down with the JO engine, this is your mod.

Click here for more info about this mod.

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Tuesday, August 29, 2017 (07:12:17)

spacer JOStats with PHP 5.6+ support spacer

JO:TR Since BabStats.com went do a few months ago with no update in years it has left some avid fans of stats in a situation. NovaHQ have come to the rescue once again, this time with an update to use the Stats on PHP 5.6

NovaHQ wrote:
Since there are a lot of people still wanting to host stats for Joint Operations, I've managed to fix the code base for JOStats so that it works with PHP 5.6+. There were a ton of edits but it's now fully working on PHP 5.6+ so you no longer have to find a host with PHP 5.2 to run stats.

Please make sure you read the Readme-NovaHQ.txt file before you install or upgrade your stats. It has all the information you need to install / upgrade your JOStats. If you need more help, please post in the forums >>HERE<<.

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Thursday, December 08, 2016 (21:53:35)




Posted by Blade on Saturday, March 17, 2012 (17:33:02)


JO:TR THORS THUNDER are holding another Map Making Comp.

Prize: one $30 Gift Card from AMAZON.Com

Winners Name will be posted on LST and THORS THUNDERS web site front pages.

All maps will be hosted on LST & Thors Thunder Servers.

Submital Deadline is December 15th, 2011

Maps must be submitted to thorsthundermail @ gmail.com <> Subject :
Christmas Map Contest

All maps must be submitted with map makers Email.

You may post a 'Reply' to this post that you have or are going to submit a map.

For Compatibility Purposes all maps should be made to play in version as well as version, due to Servers that still run the This way your maps will be able to play on all servers

Posted by Blade on Tuesday, September 13, 2011 (21:59:32) Read More... (1.16 KB) |



Prize: one $30 Gift Card from AMAZON.Com

And Winners Name will be posted on THORS THUNDERS web site front page.

Top maps will be hosted on Thors Thunder Servers & LST Servers.

Submital Deadline is August 31st, 2011

Maps must be submitted to thorsthundermail @ gmail.com <> Subject : Map Contest

All maps must be submitted with map makers Email.

You may post a 'Reply' to this post that you have or are going to submit a map.

Maps must be for the JOIC Mod.

Maps must be Co-Op.

Build a Map Theme of your choice

Maps must be clean in content.

Maps must Work.

Maps must be Original Work and New - no remakes.

Maps must not be posted on any other site before the end of the contest.

Judges can not Submit a Map.

1 Map per Maker/Group

Any map not meeting these rules will be disqualified.

Maps maybe built by more than one person,

division of prize is up to mappers not THORS THUNDER.

LST or Thors Thunder will not Host Test any of these maps.

Tie Breaker - will be voted on by several Thors/LST Players
not consisting of any of the Judges.

By Submitting a Map you Give Thors Thunder
the Right to post the map in Thors Thunder Website
for download by the Public.

All Maps will be Posted for download if played with out problems.

Prize to be awarded by September 20th 2011. Winners will be notified by email by THORS THUNDER and AMZON.com

Post 'Reply' if your interested in entering so we
have some idea of how many maps to expect
this doesn't mean you cant enter if you don't 'Reply'
and it doesn't mean you have to if you do,
we just would like an idea how many to expect

Again Maps must be submitted to THORSTHUNDERMAIL @ GMAIL.COM Subject : Map Contest Before August 31st 2011


Posted by Blade on Friday, June 03, 2011 (19:02:13)

spacer JOTR Update spacer

Joint Operation Typhoon Rising update came out a week ago,
(Sorry for the slow news, thought i already posted it).

The Kyle wrote:

This version version should come down automatically when you click update. If the updater fails to update itself, you can get the latest UPDATE.EXE here...

http://files.novalogic.com/JOTR/UPDATE.EXE and save it to...
C:Program Files\NovaLogic\Joint Operations Typhoon Rising

If for some reason the new update fails, you can get the new EXE here...
http://files.novalogic.com/JOTR/JointOps.exe and save it to...
C:Program Files\NovaLogic\Joint Operations Typhoon Rising

This EXE has...

* Support for more Resolutions
* Support for Intel Integrated Graphics
* Widescreen Aspect Ratio fixes
* Improved Squad Tag Display
* Enhanced security, moderator, and anti-cheat features
* Overall Optimizations and bug fixes

Please bare with us, as it will take a few days to get the update out to all our affiliates and for all private and public servers to be updated.

Posted by Blade on Thursday, July 23, 2009 (14:17:00)

spacer Ice mod final patch!! spacer

JO:TR After many, many hard working late nights & long stressful days of working on the ICE mod...The mod team will be terminating further support after - ICE v2.0.2 patch...

Relating to this NO further comments at this time...

On behalf of the modteam I would like to apolagise to you the public & the tournament, but unfortunately the ICE Mod does not meet the requirements of the tounament...even after spending alot of hours re-calibrating some of the mod to suit the tournaments gameplay & performance...

Posted by Blade on Wednesday, July 08, 2009 (12:38:08) Read More... (2.03 KB) |

spacer Version JointOps Beta spacer

JO:TR Novalogic have released another update,

Quote by The Kyle from NW2 forums.

"Note: This EXE will force a vidtest.

For those technical enough to back up their current EXE and copy this one to the right folder, you can test it out for us. It's intended to be compatible with the current EXE and offers a few new features and improvements. Pending the test results, these changes will become available as a regular update.

Posted by Blade on Monday, February 23, 2009 (22:33:49) Read More... (866 Bytes) |

spacer SG Mod V 1.5 Released spacer

JO:TR This is a Full installer, the patch has been revoked due to an error.

If you have used the patch to update your V1.0, please uninstall and install this full version.

Patch Iinfo:

New objects added.

Loads of optimised textures to help with resource usage.

Fixed known bugs.

Tweeked here and there.

Retro Jo items reworked and added.

Weapon tweeks.

Stock JO maps converted and included in patch.

Also 60+ Coop maps have been converted and uploaded to the SGMOD georgia server.

Available in our download section
>> HERE <<

Posted by Blade on Saturday, February 07, 2009 (12:29:55)

spacer Reality Mod Update 2.5.1 spacer

JO:TR After two or so years of absence, the Reality Team, an arm of Psyphon Games (formerly Brutal Arts) did in March 2008, due to significant interest, re-activate the Reality expansion.

Reality was borne out of the desire of many people to have a more challenging and demanding FPS, without any of the arcade type bells and whistles. It promotes teamwork whilst demanding co-ordination, determination and patience. In short, it levels the playing field between the younger and older players, (i.e. what a mature player may lack in speed, can more than be made up for in cunning, patience and worldly experience, more commonly known as common sense).

This update was specifically aimed at addressing the consensus that there were a few problems that needed urgent attention. It is with this in mind that we are proud to announce the release of Reality 2.5.1

Posted by Blade on Saturday, December 27, 2008 (12:54:39) Read More... (1.81 KB) |

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