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JO:TR Latest News from Novalogic.

"We are in the process of evaluating our game server deployment strategy and as a result have downed our UK-based game servers.
We appreciate your continual support and understanding in the interim."

Posted by Blade on Tuesday, July 15, 2008 (15:22:33)

spacer SG Mod approved by Nova spacer

JO:TR It has been a long time comming, many folks thought it would never happen. But after working for a year and a bit, Many breakthroughs have been made, many problems overcome we have made some significant ground....

Nova have fully approved the SGMod for play on novaworld.

The SGMod Hopes to turn the JO world upsidedown by injecting a bit of SCI-FI into the game we know and love, new terrains, vehicles, weapons, objects, buildings, and gameplay styles.... Mapping and Gameplay will never be the same again. Some may not like it, But those who appreciate a bit of scifi should love it (scifi apreciation does not come packaged as standard. )

The mod However is deep into FINAL BETA stage testing and development.

We hope to Release in a few weeks.

For more information visit


Posted by Blade on Monday, July 14, 2008 (00:08:18) Read More... (2.07 KB) |

spacer ShocknAwe JO MOD Approved spacer

JO:TR The ShocknAwe JO MOD for Joint Operations has been approved and released.

The mod adds hundreds of new terrains, Buildings, Decorations, and Vehicles to the existing Joint Operations game that you already play and enjoy. We at TeamTXD.com will be adding more content including several custom weapons to the first patch which is already being built we will also be releasing a map pack very soon.

Posted by Blade on Saturday, July 12, 2008 (14:42:50) Read More... (953 Bytes) |

spacer BHD:FW Mod Server UP! spacer

BHD-FW Freedom Warrior Mod came out sometime back, it has modern buildings and skyscrapers, a subway setup and more. Being less than 7mb it is worth a look.

OGN have been good enough to host a server to try it out. If people are interested it will stay up, if not we will take it down. More things can be added to the mod, it is only something small and a bit different from the same old bhd game setting.

You will need DFBHDPinger to find the server
then add the ip

Posted by Blade on Thursday, July 10, 2008 (23:07:56) Read More... (108 Bytes) |

spacer FireFox 3 released spacer

FFox FireFox 3 web browser was released yesterday.
The worlds number one web browser just got better.

Better Faster more addons..

Posted by Blade on Wednesday, June 18, 2008 (12:15:34)

spacer Advanced Warfare 2.0 Mod spacer


Today the open beta for the new Advanced Warfare 2.0 Mod starts. You can get the mod on our site (www.joint-operations.de).
We also started a server , running the AW2 Beta. Its hosted in the Europe/Afrika lobby and called: BaseCamp AW2BETA.

Bugs should be posted through the official bugtracker. You find an icon after the installation of the Mod.

Everyone could get the mod in our download database, or on different mirrors of the AW site.

AW 2.0 download 1 Gig file

Posted by Blade on Tuesday, June 17, 2008 (17:48:39) Read More... (1.3 KB) |

spacer TDC mod for Joint Operations spacer

JO:TR Nouveaux rendus des armes Joint Ops et de leurs modes de tir...
New renders of Joint Ops weapons and their firing modes...

Armes de poing :
Handguns :

Armes d'épaule :
Shotguns :

Mitraillettes :
Semi machine guns :

Fusils d'assaut :
Assault rifles :

Rendus dans le jeu :
Renders in-game :

Posted by Blade on Tuesday, June 17, 2008 (17:31:21) Read More... (844 Bytes) |

spacer BHDPinger 6.0 released! spacer

BHD We did a little beta test the last few days to check out the new BHDPinger 6.0 was bug free, it seems like it is but if you encounter any problem please report them at the Pinger support forums .
Thanks to Dstructr to help the community with the release of BHDPinger 6.0.

Important information

Server hosters
If you host multiple servers on 1 IP adress then you probally have different portnumbers for your hosted BHD game.
Insert your 5-digit portnumber when it's not the default one (17479) inside the servername or servermessage in order to let BHDPinger users add your server to the favourites list of BHDPinger.

Windows Vista users
Use BHDPinger only with administration rights, otherwise errors will occur and BHDPinger will not function well.

Posted by Blade on Monday, June 16, 2008 (21:44:20) Read More... (1.65 KB) |

spacer Delta Force Angel Falls spacer

DFX -----My Squad leader Rogue*CS ended up calling nova after the mods went crazy in the novaworld forums (they picked up on the 5th ring) He asked them about DF: Angel Falls - here is the result of his conversation: ----

After the commotion on Novaworld and the way Moderators were banning players, locking our posts, and going as far as deleting our posts as soon as we made them, I sort of had a spell of paranoia. My second in command was suspended for posting info about pinger, and 6 hours later there was a sticky post warning people not to share that info in Nova and he and one other was banned, but later today I know IcIshoot had his account reinstated.

Posted by Blade on Monday, June 16, 2008 (21:33:01) Read More... (1.68 KB) |

spacer Nova Outpost Back Up! spacer

After some time we have decided to reopen NovaOutpost.

In the coming weeks will have the site finished and back up properly ready for the new release of novalogic "Delta Force Fallen Angel".

We used to be Nova-Outpost.com, the only offical Australian Novalogic Fan Site covering DFLW-DFX, we joined with OGN to make one site with a list servers for BHD, JO:TR, JO:E and DF:X.
(ono.ogn.com.au which was OGN Nova-Outpost)

As time went on interests were lost as most moved into other games and i was off line for extended time. So i thought i would rebuild the site from scratch and fire it up. Unfortunately i had to surrended the domain nova-outpost.com in the process.

Posted by Blade on Monday, June 16, 2008 (21:29:32)

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