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DFX -----My Squad leader Rogue*CS ended up calling nova after the mods went crazy in the novaworld forums (they picked up on the 5th ring) He asked them about DF: Angel Falls - here is the result of his conversation: ----

After the commotion on Novaworld and the way Moderators were banning players, locking our posts, and going as far as deleting our posts as soon as we made them, I sort of had a spell of paranoia. My second in command was suspended for posting info about pinger, and 6 hours later there was a sticky post warning people not to share that info in Nova and he and one other was banned, but later today I know IcIshoot had his account reinstated.

Posted by Blade on Monday, June 16, 2008 (21:33:01) Read More... (1.68 KB) |

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After some time we have decided to reopen NovaOutpost.

In the coming weeks will have the site finished and back up properly ready for the new release of novalogic "Delta Force Fallen Angel".

We used to be Nova-Outpost.com, the only offical Australian Novalogic Fan Site covering DFLW-DFX, we joined with OGN to make one site with a list servers for BHD, JO:TR, JO:E and DF:X.
(ono.ogn.com.au which was OGN Nova-Outpost)

As time went on interests were lost as most moved into other games and i was off line for extended time. So i thought i would rebuild the site from scratch and fire it up. Unfortunately i had to surrended the domain nova-outpost.com in the process.

Posted by Blade on Monday, June 16, 2008 (21:29:32)

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JO:TR To be able to play on the novaWorld server now, you first must login to your account.
The change came as a supprise to most but we figure it was in aid of weeding some of the cheats out of the servers.

Posted by Blade on Monday, June 16, 2008 (21:08:57)

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