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#1: DFX2 EXP Map Pack1 Author: ~BLÃÐE~Location: Gold Coast - AU PostPosted: Tue Jul 07, 2009 4:08 am
DFX2 EXP is the JO terrains for DFX2.
These are the stock maps from JO to use in DFX2

You will need the DFX2 EXP Patch available in our downloads section.

I have edited all the tiles in the maps to face the correct way.
I also changed all the file names to the proper map names.
They are in individule folders so you can pick which map you want to host.

Maps may seem bright, it is recommended increasing the Gamma in your Video setting.

Some maps may need editing or changing. I have added the .mis files so you can change the maps to suit your needs

DFX2 EXP Map Pack


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