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#1: Rotating Billboard Signs Author: ~BLÃÐE~Location: Gold Coast - AU PostPosted: Mon Sep 04, 2017 8:43 pm
I have a large billboard with a fixed images
I wanted the image to rotate to a new image after 1.5 second

It's all done in the OED
Open the ASE in the SuperOED, click Edit >Materials
Click on the image you want to rotate, on right side you have a list of options
Tick "Animated", now you will see "Textures (Animated)"
Frame - This is how many images you want to scroll through, in this case will will use 2 for 2 images
Mode - Cycle, you can set the Control Registry from here but we will leave it as Cycle
Rate - this is the time to rotate the image in milliseconds so we will set it to 1500 so it changes ever 1.5 seconds
Frame1 - First Image
Fame2 - Second Image and so on
Click OK

Now you have an image that rotates ever 1.5 seconds, obviously you can change the setting to suit yourself

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