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How to make doors open and close

There are 3 part to doing it

Using 3DMax to name the objects properly
OED needs to be set correctly for doors to open/close
Lastly you need to add the new information into the items def

Ok, we have our building in 3DMax. We will name it 01build and doors we will name 02door and 03door
The name order for 2 doors would be something like

01build (Object01)
_01 Center (Center point)
UPG01 Ground
CB01_build (Generic Collision Box)
CB01_build (Generic Collision Box)
CB01_build (Generic Collision Box)
02door (Object02)
_02 Center (Center point)
~01a (Attachment point Object 01)
CB02_door (Generic Collision Box)
CD02_door (Collision for Doors)
03door (Object03)
_03 Center (Center point)
~1b (Attachment point Object 01)
CB03_door (Generic Collision Box)
CD03_door (Collision for Doors)

Export it as an ASE file and open in the SuperOED

Once imported into the SuperOED click EDIT > Part Animation
A box will come up, tick “Enable Part Animation”. Now you can click on 01build, 02door, 03door.
Click on 02door Make sure you can see 01build as Parent and 02door as Name.
Where you see No Rotation, drop down the box so it says “Rotate -Euler angle function”
Click on “Yaw NONE” and a box come up, change the drop down “set Control Register” and set End to 90.00
Now drop down the bottom box so it says “DOOR_00” then click OK
Click on 03door and do the same process except change the bottom drop down box to “DOOR_01” and so on if you have more doors. Click OK and go to File > Export 3di

Now you have you 3di ready to go into the game all we need to do now is the items.def
At this point I assume you have already taken the items.def from the game e.g. DFX2 decrypted it

Ok so I jumped a bit

You will need the PFFUtility to extract the items.def file from the Localres.pff file located in your game directory. Once you have it you will need to Decrypt it with the JO Mod Tools (DeSCR) and add the following information to it.

begin "CM_Build"
id 107006
type building
graphic CM_Build
ai_function door
door_open_sound_id DOOR_OPN_MTL // door opening sound
door_close_sound_id DOOR_CLS_MTL // door CLOSING sound
move_function door
First_Door 2
open_rate 2
num_doors 2

Once that is done, save the items.def and now encrypt the file with the same program you used to decrypt it

You should now have the 2 files, CMbuild.3di and encrypted items.def (plus any skins for the model)
Pack these into the game using PackIt
Go to your Mission Editor, add new item into map...

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