Does anyone play DFX? Hi from Czarny
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#1: Does anyone play DFX? Hi from Czarny Author: Czarny986Location: Poland PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2012 6:44 am
Does anyone still play DFX here?

I'm back for more than two - three years to playing the DFX and the things that i saw are... BAD.

When was the last time i play DFX game, the concetration of shooting to each other people was simple said BIG! There were meny Pol's playing the game back then. But i didn't have time for clans, (GOOD INTERNET CONECTION), for pro gaming, and stuff like this. Just played for fun.

I remember that idiotic BOXED player maked maps that everyone JUST LOVED beaucose the enemy could not run off, flank or do something, just quick shootoff. I was almost going mad when the only full servers was thease stupid box maps. I was thinking where are the people that like just stealhy walks araund the enemy take good overwach position and fire fev accurate shots and run of after being spotted? And do all that using the team work. Not just run, shoot grenade luncher or LAW and die.

Then i did the most stupid thing i could. I tried to put to my account games a CD-Key found in internet and the novalogic had compleatly removed my account, blocked all my games CD-KEY'S and that was my end with NV games till this day.

I purchased the DFX, downloaded the GREATEST paches, mods ( made ever for this game )

Now the DFX encludes everything that i liked!

- BHD buildings and objects
- JO Foliage and Civ characters
- DFX abilities and vechicles
- Medic ability
- New weapons

But then i realized that no one still plays this game anymore. The every Polish site about gaming DFX is broked up, or outdated.

Don't see meny servers araund NOVA that have more than 8-9 players. I'm not even mentioning about any team play that i never saw in any server.

Whats going on? The DFX game is actualy best game that provides gameplay, abilities to act in reliable looking warfare 3D world, abilities to use vechicles in different enviroments, with meny mission goals! And provides ability to modify and create maps and missions.

I know that the oryginal game in single player is just... Fucked up. But with combination of litle bit of imagination, Whill!, some time, effort and vew people after work to play, the game can look like a tactical military simulator! And with little bit of training the players can use some real tactics and act like real soliders as a team.

I don't know, the comunity of nova players is just stupid and the players are having fun only of idiotic shooting and fraging? How sad is it!

#2: Re: Does anyone play DFX? Hi from Czarny Author: MERMITELocation: FNQ PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2012 6:22 pm
Many players have moved on now, although many of us wait in vain for 'new' nova titles, Novalogic must know that they will never get their fans back, they have pissed them off too much ..waiting for new releases,
For you ...consider getting the DFX1 LAN patch available in the community somewhere!


#3: Re: Does anyone play DFX? Hi from Czarny Author: stompemLocation: Australia PostPosted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 12:29 am
Go over to NovaHQ and Novaworld2, I'll get you in the know
Look for stompem

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