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PL00P ya G00P's (2)

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2012 4:17 am
Post subject: PL00P ya G00P's (2)

Gloop I use very very rarely, but the Ploop is a whole different matter, this time 'THE MAGIC HAPPENS TO THE THE PLAYER"


The ploop is a procedure that will cause a looping sequence within the
code. The syntax of a ploop will start with the keyword ploop and
conclude with the keyword end. It is used in conjunction with the
keyword player to either check a players status in a condition or to modify an
attribute of a player in an action statement.

When a ploop is reached any conditions and statements within the ploop
will cycle through for each of the players in the game until all have been
checked and/or acted upon, before the sequential continuation of the wac
code. In other words, the wac codes linear progression through the code is
broken as though a subroutine that must check each member of the group
before returning back to the remainder of the wac codes linear sequence.


if conditions containing player then
actions containing player

Example: (a favourite)


if ssnnearssn(1234,player,3) then

If the ssn#1234 represented a medic, this code will check to see if any
player is within 3 meters of the medic and if that condition is met, then
that player would have his hit points set to 150 (which is full health).

What the loop does is replace the actual internal number of the player and
use the keyword player to hold that number as a variable would hold a
number, then check the condition to see if that player fits the criteria of
the condition, and if true the same internal number represented by player
in the action part of the statement will cause any activity designated there
to be applied to that player.

This is very strong magic, note esp. the use of end and endif,
like the old RND or doseq you gotta lock the sucker up with END.

Don't be like pvt. Harry Potter and run around with his wand
exposed all over the place, better to make a small separate map
one each Pl00p or Gl00p, and experiment.

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