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DF:X Reloaded Mod
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Category Delta Force: XtremeDF:X Mods
Submitted by ~BLÃÐE~
Author's Name
Mr. McGarrett
Tue Jun 17, 2008 10:15 pm

This Mod is experimental, and is provided as is. I nor anyone who help make this mod is not responsible if you get banned (just don't go into Nova servers). As of 5/4/05, Nova doesn't support lobby access for Mods. If you want to try in online, look for a


Be sure you copied your DF:X folder and rename it to "Reloaded Mod" or whatever name seems fit. BE SURE you don't overwrite your original DF:X folder. This is because the install will pack the files into your copied or "Mod" folder that has the "localres.pff" file. After you extract the file, double-click the "localres.bat" file to pack the ammo.def, weapons.def, items.def and main.tga files into your backup localres.pff file (NOT the original) I advise deleting the ammo/weapons/items.def files so you won't have any "clashes", just don't delete the original Zip file. You can adjust shortcuts to the games accordingly. Then you can run the game, you may have to login with your info again, and go to any public server that supports the mod, and have fun! :)

Release notes and changes:

Current version 0.63

-ADDED: LAW Anti-Personnel Rocket (no scope/sights and can be fired on the move)
-M203 no longer use ironsights
-ADDED: Delay and Short-fuse ("Instant") Grenades. Just scroll up for the Instant nades.
-Satchels and Claymores are now useable. They don't disappear even if you die.
-ADDED: Burst mode to the M4
-CHANGED: Masterkey has a different sound now
-CHANGED: There is recoil now. The difference with "spreads" and "recoil" is that with recoils, the bullet goes where the scope goes, so if the scope shakes, the bullet will go wherever the scope "shakes". "Spreads" is when the scope shakes up, the bullet goes left. The spread is non-user controllable.

Known bugs, issues or things I haven't tried fixing yet:

-You can't blow up your own clays. This will be resolved in the next version.
-Running speeds

Known (?) limitations in the game:

-AAS not supported
-No medics allowed
-Armory is incomplete
-Manual Elevation
-Bullet Drops

version 0.61

-2 AT4's now
-Adjusted MP5 max range
-Took out M4 Ironsights and placed classic scope back (zoomable)
-Replaced the M203 ironsights with proper sights
-M203 nade speed back to normal
-Frag Grenades are no longer "instant"
-Saw has 2x zoom ironsights now
-Satchels stay until you detonate them (even if you died)
-ADDED: M16 " Masterkey" (Auto, Semi, Shotgun)
-FIXED: Satchels work now

Known bugs:
-Clays don't work in MP

version 0.5x

-1 AT4 only
-Saw max range is 600-700M
-M4/16 max range is 900-950M
-M82 max range is 2K+
-M24 max range is 1.5K+
-MP5 max range is 200M
-MK-23 max range is 100M
-MK-23 is now auto with a 30 round clip with 3 max clips
-NO spread
-M4 and sniper rifles have adjustable zooms (use scroll wheel to toggle)
-Took out smoke from sniper rifles.
-M4 has zoomable Ironsights while moving (use scroll wheel to toggle 2x-4x)
-Frag grenades explode quicker (almost "Impact" type)
-Saw has Ironsights but no zoom
-M203 is badder (or is that a bad thing?)
-Added to make this list look long
-A cheap ripoff of the M4 to act like a SOPMOD to test
-AT4 now requires LAW-style 2X scope to fire. No run and buns!
-CHANGED: Socom isn't a mini Saw anymore
-CHANGED: AT4 now requires a direct hit to the player for a kill, no more "getting their feet wet". You can still blow up vehicles.
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Popularity 2/5: Slightly below average
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