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Daewolfe's Sound Pack V1.1
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Category Black Hawk DownBHD Mods
Submitted by ~BLÃÐE~
Author's Name
Version 1.1
Compatibility BHD
Mon Mar 11, 2019 2:20 am

This sound pack replaces many of the sounds in BHD, with intent to give a more realistic feel to the game with more powerful weapon sounds, and less "arcadish" miscellaneous sounds.

The replaced sounds include:

- CAR15
- M16
- M21
- M24
- Winchester .300
- Barret
- M249 SAW
- M60
- M240
- MP5
- Colt .45
- M9 Beretta
- 870 Shotgun
- Grenades
- Knife
- G3
- G36
- PSG1
- Weapon reloads
- 50.cal
- Minigun
- Medkit
- AI AK47
- Explosions
- Helicopters
- Nightvision
- Footsteps

...And more.

This mod should be usable in single player as well as client-side multiplayer.

Installation instructions are in the ReadMe.txt file
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Downloads 55
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