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DF:X SG2 Mod Full
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Category Delta Force: XtremeDF:X Mods
Submitted by ~BLÃÐE~
Author's Name
SGMod Crew
Homepage sgmod.dfreload.com/
Version 2.5
Sun May 13, 2012 3:28 pm

SG-mod is a Modification of the basic novalogic games (named above) ; Starting its life as a small stargate themed weapons mod

, it then evolved into a full blown "SG" mod containing themed buildings,terrains,sounds,AI,Vehicles and more. Ever ongoing the mod developed way beyond the original plan and vision, Evolving yet further, expanding its library of mapping objects to the bursting point.

SG-mod now swelled with content provides a wealth of unique items and is ideal both for sci-fi themed maps AND urban combat maps. As you'd expect there are some unique features available for mappers to implement into their maps, such as;
- Individual (or groups of) player/AI teleporting
- Vast selection of terrains
- Multi-terrains (4 in 1)
- Large choice of buildings and objects
- Ambient sounds

Different Invisible blocks: control what goes where Special effects Many "modular" kits to make custom buildings,complexes, and tunnels.
In short , this mod is Fun and chok-full of things to play with. The only limitation is the imagination

Q: What does this mod require?
A: The only requirement is that you have a Standard unmodified version of DFX/DFX2 installed, and that it is FULLY updated before you install.

Q: Does this mod affect my DFX/DFX2 installation?
A: No! This mod is unlike any other mod, we have gone to great lengths to redesign everything from the ground up, Including custom installer scripts. Unlike other mods, there is no need to copy your DFX/DFX2 folder before installing: this process is automated.
The only requirement is that DFX/DFX2 is FULLY updated before you install.

Q: Why does the Installer lock up when almost complete?
A: This is not a lock up, what is happening is the installer is performing a final compile and verification of the mod.
Depending on system speed, this process could take a few minutes.

Q: Do i really need another shortcut on my desktop?
A: No, you can move the shortcut to your menu, But you will still need to launch the SGMOD shortcut if you wish to play SGMOD

Q: I do not wish to play this mod anymore OR i need to uninstall & reinstall to fix a problem
How do i uninstall it?
A: Simply goto your installation folder for DFX/DFX2 and delete the DFX-SGMOD/DFX2-SGMOD folder

Q: What happens if nova release another update?
A: lol, unlikely but in the instance this happens : Update your normal DFX/DFX2 and then re-install SGMOD
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Popularity 2/5: Slightly below average
Downloads 175
Page views 2653

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