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About Nova-Outpost

Nova-Outpost.com began back in 2004.
Due to having to go to 3 or 4 gaming site in Australia to find news, what matches were being hosted and see who was playing who got very frustrating. So i figured i would collect the information from each site and post it on one site. I also gave away copies of JO and JO:E in competitions as prizes

Novalogic listed us as an Offical Nova Fan Site in 2004, The only official fan site in Australia at the time :)

I hired an offical Novaworld server for BHD but due to nova listing the server in the EU section and the lag issues for AU players i decided the cost wasn't worth the effort, also the dollar difference made it expensive.

As time went on I joined Nova-Outpost with OGN.com.au (Oceanic Gamers Network) to make ONO ono.ogn.com.au (OgnNovaOutpost).
We then had a combination of Nova Stats Servers for BHD-JO as well as server rentals and of course all the Downloads and Information and Resources related to Novalogic. I went off line not long after for over a year in which the ONO site had withered away with the lack of interest in Novalogic games. Not the mention losing my old domain name in the process.

So I decided to start from scratch and rebuild the site using the domain name df-outpost.com in 2008.
In April 2009 i finally managed to obtain the original domain nova-outpost.com

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