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Birthday It's that time of year again, it have been 16 years since i started this site and to be honest i didn't think we would still be here.

So Happy Birthday

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Wednesday, August 05, 2020 (07:06:54)

spacer Comanche Early Access Release spacer

THQ Comanche is a remake of the old Novalogic game Comanche 4
It is now available on Steam for download as Early Access, the developers want feedback so they can make changes to improve what the players want.


Comanche is a team-based online multiplayer helicopter shooter set in the near future, in which you engage with your team of 4 pilots in intense helicopter dogfights and sneaky close-quarter drone combat to attack or defend high-value targets in areas of difficult access. Choose from an array of Comanche and drone configurations, and utilize their strengths to your tactical advantage. By combining the old strengths with a modern multiplayer online shooter gameplay, we bring this franchise into the 21st century.


Two in one: Control a technically advanced version of the legendary RAH-66 Comanche helicopter in heated dogfights, and step into its accompanying drone for close-quarter combat.

Many strategic opportunities: Pick one of many Comanche/Drone combinations armed with varied weapons and unique gadgets that compliments your playing style.

Objective-based multiplayer: Every mission has its own goal - play as a team, to achieve victory.

Asymmetrical gameplay: Be either on the attacking or the defending side.

Early access for the players: Comanche will launch in early access to allow the community to participate in the game's development with their feedback.

Constant content updates: To expand, modify and improve the game THQ Nordic and Nukklear will continuously provide new exciting content for Comanche


Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Monday, March 16, 2020 (22:48:09)

spacer Task Force Elite! spacer

Red Jake

It's LIVE!

After 3+ years in the making, we present to you an all-original title that is inspired by classic FPS games of the late 1990s and early 2000s: Task Force Elite!

As old school gamers that idolize the golden era of PC shooters from the late 1990s and early 2000s, we were unhappy with all of the FPS titles currently on the market in 2019. For us, nothing captured the feel or shooting mechanics of golden era FPS titles. We wanted a military-themed FPS game that’s easy to pick up and play, with lots of depth. A game with:

•Easy gun handling
•Realistic ballistics
•The ability to walk for miles/kilometers around the map and snipe a target from a mile away (with bullet drop)
•Designated spawn points and polished level design (because we hate when enemies randomly spawn behind us)
•Making custom maps and playing them with your friends
•Classic game modes, like TDM, TKOTH, CTF, and more
•Dedicated servers
•Mod support

This game is made for YOU GUYS. We want your feedback to make the game you all want.

We will be conducting a closed alpha test in the coming weeks. Please apply at www.redjake.com/alpha and keep an eye out for an Early Access release.

If you love military FPS games from the golden era of PC gaming, come apply for our alpha test at our website, and follow us on Facebook for the latest updates!

#Nostalgic #ClassicFPS #Q4_2019_release #Redjake

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Sunday, September 15, 2019 (10:51:12)

spacer THQ Comanche Remake spacer

THQ Seems THQ have remade Comanche 4 with a twist!



In their ongoing mission to capitalise on memories of PC gaming 1992-2006, THQ Nordic have announced a new Comanche game. The publishers say this is “based on” Novalogic’s Comanche sim series from the 90s, though the only similarity seems to be having helicopters. THQ Nordic say this here new Comanche is a “modern, team-based online multiplayer helicopter shooter” where players will also fly wee drones fighting each other. Okay. That’s fine and all but this does sound far enough beyond the original concept that using the Comanche name might mostly remind people of what the game is not. Weird.

I cannot deny: those are indeed helicopters. Here, the similarities end. Novalogic’s Comanche games were on the arcadier end of the sim scale but sure didn’t have drones or cloaking devices. And were primarily singleplayer. And agh, why would you not give this game its own name? It comes across as a lack of confidence in the game standing on its own merits. But are people who fondly remember a decades-old sim series the sorts to now be looking for 4v4 multiplayer with dronefights? Weird.

Nostalgia’s a hell of a drug, I suppose. That’s the guiding principle of THQ Nordic, a company so keen to capitalise on nostalgia that they bought and wear the name of a dead publisher.

Made by Nukklear, this here new Comanche is due to enter Steam Early Access in early 2020, by the end of March. No firm word yet on how long early access will last, or how big the plans are. WEIRD. See the game’s website for more.

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Tuesday, August 20, 2019 (10:46:14)

spacer 92 TIO Mod spacer

TIO Ok guys if you have Black Hawk Down, you should download the 92 TIO Mod!
We are getting lots of players trying to join the servers and getting punted straight away due to not having the Mod. This is frustrating for the player whom can't join and for us because it could be another player to help the team get through the map

The mod is FREE and a hell of a lot of fun to play.
Played Multi Player but have you tried COOP?

COOP puts a different spin on the game rather than the common MP style game play.

Servers, we have servers being hosted in USA, EU, AU

Visit www.tiocoop.com for more info on the mod including video clips, images, maps and downloads.

or you can download 92 TIO MOD >>HERE<<

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Tuesday, June 18, 2019 (08:22:56)

spacer MED Fixer 2018 (BHD / C4 / DFX / JO) spacer

NovaHQ If you've been having issues launching the BHD / C4 / JO Med (Or any other NovaLogic med) recently, Sil and I have found a fix for it.

Download the NovaLogic Med Fix from NovaHQ below, extract the two files and run the "RunMe.bat" file. This will install a set of compatibility flags for the mission editors to help them run properly under Windows 10 1703+.

Thanks to everyone that has posted information they have found that lead to this discovery.

Download >>HERE<<

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Wednesday, January 31, 2018 (23:17:36)

spacer DF1 32 Player Patch spacer

NovaHQ Thanks to Frank from the NovaHQ forums, we now have a 32 player patch for Delta Force 1 that is working perfectly. I've already updated the DF1 Host Tool as well as the Heartbeat DLL's so they are compatible with this new patch.

I've already updated the DF1 Host Tool as well as the Heartbeat DLL's so they are compatible with this new patch.

Download 32 player patch: http://novahq.net/files.php?ID=726
Download updated host tool: http://novahq.net/files.php?ID=568
Download latest Heartbeat DLL: https://novahq.net/files.php?ID=707
Thanks Frank!

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Monday, January 29, 2018 (21:49:33)

spacer DF2 UN-FREEZE fix official release spacer

NovaHQ So, with help from a dude who I only know as Frank, I’ve made a patch that allows you to unfreeze your DF2 game. With this patch, when your game freezes, simply press the INSERT key on your keyboard the game should resume like normal. After you download it, replace all the files in your games folder with the contents of the "DF2Fixes" folder. PLEASE read the readme.txt for help or post here. Again, when you appear to freeze while playing DF2, if you have this patch installed, you can simply press the INSERT key on your keyboard and the game will resume like normal. You’ll keep your score and everything.

This fix is compatible with any server, including DF2 EVO servers. As well as all COOP and Single Player! Literally any DF2 server or game. Press the INSERT key to unfreeze your game when it appears frozen.


Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Monday, January 29, 2018 (19:56:25)

spacer JOBotz spacer

JO:TR JOBotz makes AI bots in game Joint Operations behave dynamically. Nothing is pre-scripted, the addon figures out where to move the bots.

The addon manages the targets where to send the bots and does its own path-finding. Since there is no extension API for the game Joint Operations, the amount of information that the addon has access to is minimal. That means that the offered funtionality of the addon is limited, so don't expect some clever behavior from the bots, or perfect pathfinding.

Currently the JOBotz addon can make the bots play AAS maps:
° The bots attack the active LFP targets
° The bots respawn at fully captured LFP targets
° The presence of bots affects the takeover of LFP targets
° But currently the bots themselves cant take over LFP target (they can't flip the flag)

° The addon requires around 500MB of memory for its own purposes, depending on map size and complexity.
° Some of the calculation is CPU intensive, if this proves to be a problem for someone using the addon, i will try to implement possibilities to limit CPU usage.

° Install Java 8 from www.java.com.
° Make a new folder of your choice. For example C:\Games\JOBotz.
° Extract the ZIP file to the new folder.
° Copy the files from "maps" subforder to where your Joint Operation game is installed.

Using the addon:
° Start the addon by doble-clicking the "jobotz.cmd" batch-file.
° A message will appear repeatedly in the console: "Waiting 3 sec for JO process"
° The addon is ready to interact with the Joint Operations game.
° Start the game, you can start a LAN game or connect to Novaworld.
° You can use both dedicated serving and serve&play.
° If you intend to play alone, host a LAN game in serve&play mode.

Maps included:
° Currently only a modified stock map Karo Highlands (file AS-KaroBOTZ.npj) with 100 bots on each side (200 bots total)
° Further maps can be prepared to work with the addon, i'll make a tutorial and tools for prepaing own or other stock maps for use with JOBotz


° This is alpha software, so you might lose time trying to get it work, or it might crash.
° The bots might not be as fun to play as expected.
° And remember, the bots are not sentient

Download >>HERE<<

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Sunday, January 07, 2018 (06:41:54)

spacer Merry Christmas Everyone spacer

Santa We would like to wish everyone a Safe and Merry Christmas
Thanks to those that have supported us over these quiet times, we hope to see you all next year.

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Saturday, December 23, 2017 (23:55:12)

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